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Yoroshiku ^w^

Baby the Stars Shine Bright’s “Time Travel Station” Tea Party Fashion Show Live Stream


BABY’S head office in Tokyo hosts special tea party for the fall, ~Looking for treasure dreamed someday~ Time Travel Station, starts on October 19th, 2014 at 3 PM till 5 PM. There will be a fashion show during the party, featuring newest prints from Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates. The party will also be conducting a live stream for the first time ever only for the fashion show which you can view here:

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Some greenxbrown coord with JM stained glass dropped Waist OP. I looove this dress so much. :)

OP: Jane Marple

Bag, Jewelry: Handmade

Hat, Shoes: Offbrand

Tights: Verum


I’ve been so busy and lazy dressing up lately, so more OPs and casual outfits ^^”


 Photo by InSilence


A test outfit with my dream item, Jane Marple Royal Stamp Cutsew OP!

I wore AP’s Chocolate Rosette skirt ontop, topped off with a Liz Lisa Doll bow tie~


A classical coord featuring the things I like the most: chiffon, violin bags and the color wine red.


Blouse JetJ

Bag: Jane Marple

Shoes VM

everything else: offbrand


royal choco


royal choco

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Playing with coordinate idea

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Petit Trianon

Salon de Compagnie

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